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Homework #2

If you could live anywhere in the world, where would you live and why?

Nada – 6th Grade History

If I could live anywhere in the world I would live in America.  I would live in American because it is really beautiful.  There isn’t garbage thrown on the streets everywhere you look, or old houses everywhere.  Another part of its beautifulness is that there is many playgrounds, water parks, malls (etc.).  It is really fun.

Another reason is that it is a free country.  I like free countries the most because I can go anywhere whenever I want.  I can go places faster.  Also, I can go anywhere I want without going through a checkpoint.  Schools are closer and the weather is not as hot or cold.

The last reason is because I have relatives in Minnesota around my age.  They are boys but they are still fun.  We play many games with them.  When we visit them we usually go to places like Mall of America.  There we usually play on the rides together.  This is why I would like to live in America.

If you could live anywhere in the world, where would you live and why?

Qamar – 6th Grade History

In all the world where would you live in and why?

In all the world I would live in America.  I would live there because it’s a nice place to live.  America is a history place.  It was also discovered by many people.  It’s a wonderful place to grow in.

America was all farms that are full of many thing and no it’s full of people.  In America I would live in the United States of America.  I would also live in California.  California is a really nice state and it’s very famous.  California was the 27th state to be discovered in the U.S.A.

United States of America is a really neat place to live in.  I choose that country because it’s beautiful and wonderful.  I would also live there because we take care of animals will.  America is my top 1 country in the world.  That’s why I choose American to live in.

Write a Skit about Something that happens in Matthew 1-7

Anton – 6th Grade Bible

Narrator – Jesus was born in a cave where farm animals lived.  Three wise men came to Jesus and game Him gifts.  At that night, Joseph had a strange dream including an Angel.

Angel – Flee to Egypt for Harod will kill all boys under two years old.

Joseph – We should leave to Egypt to save the life of the baby.

Mary – What threats the life of the baby?

Joseph – Herod asks to take his life.

Narrator – The next day Mary and Joseph talked about it and packed up their things and fled to Egypt on a donkey.  Herod told his soldiers to kill all boys under two years old.

Herod – Go and kill all boys under two years in this entire land.

Narrator – The soldiers killed all the boys and Herod was satisfied because he thought that Jesus was killed, but Jesus wasn’t killed.  Jesus and his parents stayed in Eygpt  until Herod died, and after a while Jesus and his parents went back homje.  Jesus grew and was wise enough to teach the teachers of religion.

Jesus – I am the way the light and the life.

Write about one part of the Sermon on the Mount

Ramzi – 6th Grade Bible

Oaths – What means oaths?  He said do not breake your oaths and prays the Lord the earth is his footstool.  We shouldn’t swear by our heads all you need to say is yes or no anything else is from evil or somebody bad.  I don’t know something about oaths but I now it something for God or for Bible.  I would like to learn about oaths and something else Jesus made everything in 6 days and if oaths is of God I will like it because its Good.

Write about one part of the Sermon on the Mount

Meroon – 6th Grade Bible

Ask, Seek, Knock – At the beginning I thought the passage is too small to write about, but then when I understood the meaning I noticed that it makde me feel so close to God as if I will ask hi will never turn me back.  And if I search for the real meaning of giving I will find that I am so little as I have to give more and more.  I know now if I knock the door means if I ask and pray our dear Lord will answer me and open the door for me.  In everything we do to others we will receive the same as the verse Matthew 6:33 “Put God’s kingdom first.  Do what he want s you to do.  Then all of those things will also be given to you.”  As we are the children of God who can be against us.

Write a Skit about Something from Matthew 1-7

Victor – 6th Grade Bible

Act 1

Angel Gabriel – Don’t be afraid I come with good nus yhou will have a child that is the holy spirit you will name him Jesus.

Mary – how can this be I am a vergin?

Gabriel – You have found favor in the Lord and the holy spirit will com apon you.

Mary – I am the Lords servent

Act 2

Joseph is sleeping and in his dreem an angel came.

Angel – you will keep Mary as your wife and you wil name the child Jesus.

Act 3 – In Bethlehem

Joseph – Do you have a place in your in for me and my wife.

Inkeeper – I’m sory for I wer is full but I have a stable.

Act 4 – The Berth of Jesus

Mary wraps baby in blanket.  Las him in a manger an sas: His name shal be Jesus.

Write a Skit about Something in Matthew 1-7

Meroon – 6th Grade Bible

John The Baptist said, “Move away from your sins!  The kingdom of heaven is coming.”  Isaiah said, “A messenger is called out in the desert, Prepare the way for the Lord.  Make straight pathes for him.”

John the Baptist said, “You are like a cave of prosnoise snakes.”

John the Baptist said, “I baptize you with water calling you to move away from your sines.  But after me, one will come who is more powerfull than I am.  And I’m not able to carry his sandals.  He will baptize you with the Holy Spirity and with fire.  His pitchfork is in hand to clean the straw from his threshing floor.  He will gather his wheat into the storeroom.  But he will hurn up the dry seed with fire that can’t be put out.”

Write A Skit about Something In Matthew 1-7

Ramzi – 6th Grade Bible

Jesus – Jesus came to John and said baptize me

John – No man, I can’t baptize you

Jesus – you should

John – you should baptize me.

Jesus – let it be so now

John – ok

Dove – Came and said this is the son of God

People – we want to be baptized

Isn’t it cool to see God through the lenses of children and through the thoughts of kids who haven’t grown up with the Bible or Christianity?!  I hope you enjoyed this as much as I!


Laura Again

So my kids have been complete terrors recently.  I’ve been yelling and disciplining and yelling some more.  I’ve been confused and upset with them.  I want so much to show them love but this week I have had a tough time loving them.


It's Me!

But things are changing.  I simply (well not simply) decided to just let it go!  I’m starting over.  I’m going to discipline them in ways they will recognize (detentions) and I will love them in ways that they will recognize (time spent with them in friendship).  So this week we’re working on that.  I’m going to be happy again – because I can.

I can be happy because God loves me.  I can be happy because God loves these kids.  I can be happy because life is great and because I am different and changed and new.  I can love because love was given – freely to me.  Who am I to keep it for myself?

So this week’s lesson for me is patience and love.  Continuing to love and show grace even when it isn’t deserved.  I had a conversation with a student the other day about letting something go because grace is the point of it all.  “We were given grace even though it wasn’t what we deserved so how can you keep it from someone else.  If you do, you don’t hurt her, you hurt yourself.  You allow her to keep control over your heart and you will destroy your joy.  So give grace because who you are is joyous and loving and I don’t want to see you lose that.”  After that I had to swallow I big piece of humble pie.  Sheesh.  God definitely hit me with a 2×4!

So anyway, we’re starting over.  We’re loving and caring and encouraging again!  We’re Laura again.