Mosques and Freedom

These three articles are about a mosque that is scheduled to be constructed two blocks from the World Trade Center’s Ground Zero.  The US is in an uproar because of it.  The “news” here is that a panel would determine whether the building – already privately owned and designated for the mosque – should be considered a landmark.  If the panel had said, “Yes, it’s a landmark,” then the mosque and Islamic center would have to change their designs (but they would still put it in that location).  Since the panel said, “No, it isn’t a landmark,” they can tear down the existing building and create something visually stimulating in its place to house the mosque.  The panel was NOT determining if the mosque could be there, but everyone seems to think these panel members are “un-American” for denying landmark status to this building.

Now I made the mistake of reading some of the comments being posted on both FoxNews and CNN – bad idea – and I can’t sit silently by anymore.  I feel someone needs to say something and if I’m the only person with a brain then I guess I get to do it.

Many comments were derogatory toward the Islamic faith and Muslims in general.  Many comments were childish and ignorant.  Many comments were just plain stupid.  Here are a few of the “keepers” and my responses (in italics):

“…a key test of Americans’ commitment to religious freedom.” Religious Freedom?… Islam is a religion of the sword- the god of ISLAM is ALLAH… The moon god- the god of Mohammad. Violent Jihad/ Jihad is the focus of ISLAM- AND what was the fundamental reason for the 9/11 attacks!… Violent Jihad/ Jihad, and Sharia Law against non-believers, Jews, and even other Muslims are foundational in the structure of ISLAM- AS OF TODAY!… AS such, this Mosque can NOT be a multi-religion place of worship- As the Judeo-Christian GOD is the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob… These are two different gods!.. IT WON’T WORK… And it’s not supposed to. The Ground Zero Mosque is only about ISLAM- a symbol of Islam conquest and an idealistic work of “non-believer” submission in the name of ISLAM… Placing this mosque at Ground Zero is an insult to AMERICA.

Allah is Arabic for God – not moon god or anything else.  If you believe in one God then Allah is that God too – just because people have created new ways of viewing Him doesn’t mean they are right or that is how He is.  Jihad is the focus of Islam in that as believers they are fighting a war against the evil darkness of sin.  Christians believe the same thing!  Christians “put on the armor of God” so they can fight in the battle against Satan.  Violent Jihad against “infidels” is an extremist belief of a very small population of Muslim people.  And, again, Christian can be violent to (KKK, Nazis, the Crusaders all come to mind).  Islam – just like any other religion – has corruption (because it involves humans), but we can’t blame corruption of a few on the masses and we can’t hate the masses because of a few.  Why SHOULD a mosque be a multi-religious place of worship?!  It’s a mosque!  It should be for Islamic worship.  How is a mosque a sign of Islamic conquest?  Who said anything about being conquered? Placing this mosque NEAR ground zero isn’t an insult to America, it would be an insult to deny them this building!

Building a mosque near Ground Zero is a fantastic idea, but it proves the muslims responsible haven’t exactly thought this through. If I’m an NYPD police officer or NYFD fire fighter or port authority officer and lost members of my team who were like brothers to me, you can bet I’m standing outside this “monument to religious freedom” with a baseball bat in my hand ready to tune up anyone wearing a towel on his head. NYC people do NOT fool around. You might choose to build your mosque and community center somewhere else. You’ve been warned.

Wow!  You’re going to support violence against a people group just because a few of them did something horrible?!  Doesn’t that go against the entire idea of “remembering those lost in the 9/11 attacks?”  I’m glad we are willing to resort to violence against a religion that we are saying are evil because they are violent.  Neat.

You cannot tout “we want government out of our busienss” and then say that only applies to issues that you believe in. If the governement steps in and stops the building of the Mosque, we have all lost. Our constitution is clear on this and you cannot deny Muslims the right to build whatever they want on privately owned property. I would think the tea party members would be fighting FOR the mosque. I guess I am confused as to what the tea party stands for. I thought that the constitution was the basis for all your fights. I wonder how Glenn Beck will wesael out of this one!!!

Thank you for standing up in favor of this mosque.  It is rare to find people like you around today!

This page has a Spanish ad. What is going on with the country. This supose to an English speaking country. NOT MEXICO!

Thank you for your comment … about absolutely nothing.  1. There are many spanish-speaking people in the world and not just in Mexico.  2. I can’t help myself – you’re dumb! 3. What does this have to do with the mosque.

Liberals like Bloomberg cherry pick which constitutional rights they support; Bloomberg is big on the first amendment but is trying his best to deny us our second amendment rights! Muslims are like communists in thatthey use a nation’s generousity to undermine that society until the day they take over then they deny people their rights! usually with the help of traitors like Bloomberg.

When did someone say that a single mosque was undermining the government or some ploy to take over the world?  This is not Pinky and the Brain.  What rights are American citizens losing with the creation of this mosque?

Islam is a peaceful religion, so is Christianity. There are extremists in every religion. You people who profess to be Christians are not true to your own faith by spewing such hatred toward Muslims.

Kudos to you!  I agree 100%!

NO mosque should be built on USA soil. PERIOD!

Just an FYI: there are 100s of mosques already in the US.  Maybe there isn’t one in your town but they do exist … and on USA soil too!

i guess religious freedom is only for christians

Amen!  Preach it!  The big thing about “we’re losing our second amendment” is bull – we’re trying to UPHOLD it but allowing this mosque.

Let them build it, then bomb it.

WOW!  I don’t even know where to start.  1. You want to bomb American soil? 2. You want to bomb American soil just two blocks from the greatest attack on American soil in our history? 3. You want to bomb a peaceful place of religious worship?

You.  Are. Dumb!

Offer a deal. Mosque at Ground Zero for a church in Mecca. Of course, the House of Saud will do their best Ralph Kramden impression “ah hum a na, ah hum a na, ah a hum a na” when pressed, REALLY PRESSED as to why they are so opposed to that idea. Answer – they’re intolerant. It’s just laughable beyond absurd why Americans are asked TIME AND AGAIN to be the tolerant ones when NOBODY else in the world is.

This is not even the same thing!  Mecca is sacred ground – maybe not to you, but to millions of people the world over.  Ground Zero is a sad place, it’s a memorial site, but it is NOT sacred!  Why can’t people be intolerant?  Who said the world and its people had to tolerate everything?  There are many, many things that US citizens do not tolerate, but no one is yelling at us for it.  And there are many, many things that the world tolerates that maybe they shouldn’t.  Don’t be tolerant if you don’t want to be … no one is FORCING you!

These muslims are building a shrine to the 9/11 hi-jackers. run Bloomberg out of town.

Try again.  “These Muslims” are building a religious center and a place of worship.  In all their statements they say this is for peace.  Why can’t we just believe them?  Why would ANYONE try to build a hijacker shrine in the US?!  That’s ridiculous.

Finally, for all those out there who feel I’m wrong, have you ever spoken to a person who follows Islam?  Have you ever read any of the Qur’an or studied Islam at all?  Islam is actually founded on tolerance and peace.  Yes, there are militant Muslim people in the world, but there are militant Jewish people (Shin Bet comes to mind) and militant Christian people too (the Westboro Baptist Church).  This doesn’t mean that EVERY Jew or EVERY Christian is militant and that should go for Muslims as well.  I know many people who follow Islam and they are some of the friendliest, honest, welcoming, and helpful people I know!  Do NOT push terrorism on my friends or people like them who just want to worship God the way they feel is best.  99.9% of all terrorists are NOT Muslim and I doubt anyone with a statistical brain could (or would) prove it to be true.  Muslims do NOT aid and abet terrorists or their actions.  Islam is NOT a political faction pretending to be a religion.   And not every country is an Islamic state.  In fact, the comments posted are promoting more terror than most Muslims!  You are trying to force Americans to see an ENTIRE religious people group as evil.  This is not the way to behave!  Building this mosque will not degrade the American values of our founding fathers any more than government regulations on abortion, homosexuality, marriage, and other issues of great debate do.  Building this mosque does NOT taint the memory of those lost on 9/11.  The building of this mosque is not being sanctioned by our government – the committee just determined if the current structure should be a landmark.  They aren’t telling everyone to become Muslim.

Your judgment of Muslim peoples as a whole is sad to me.  Why can we not show tolerance and love?  Why are we no longer a country with the freedom of religion – that doesn’t mean freedom of Christianity it means ANY religion (or no religion at all).  Let Muslims worship as they like and let Jews and Eastern Orthodox and Evangelicals and Catholics and Hindus and Atheists worship as they like.  Do NOT try to tell them how to find God and don’t tell me I’m wrong for supporting them!


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