I am a teacher who doesn’t get paid.  I am a teacher who LOVES what she does!  I am a teacher in Bethlehem.

Here’s the issue:  I have to somehow get people from the US to give me money so I can live here and stay here.  This includes things like food and heating and college loans and car loans and miscellaneous expenses like clothes and shoes and toilet paper and music (this is a big part of my new support system).  My parents are graciously taking care of my finances for me – when money comes in they put it in my bank account, but the money is slowing down and they are feeling anxious about it and unsure of my future.  Not to mention they are worried about my use of the money people have given.

Let me explain my life here in Bethlehem and my financial uses:

1. I teach science to 8th, 9th, and 10th graders, plus history and Bible to 6th graders.  I love this!  My students are fantastic and most of them amaze me daily!  Teaching this many classes keeps me busy though!  I work about 6.5 hours a day in the classroom, then tutor for 2 hours after school, then grade and lesson plan for about 4 or more hours after that.  Then I talk to students online and hang out with them most days which adds to the length of my “teaching” day.

2. I lead a small group of 10 girls.  We have fun hanging out on Thursdays and making dinner.  We listen to music and talk.  It’s fun to hang out with the 8th and 9th grade girls like that.  It’s more like a youth group environment (which I’m very used to).  I spend about 5 hours a week preparing for this group … mostly because I can’t cook!

3. I have an adopted family.  They take care of me and I try to take care of them.  They have 4 kids – 1 boy and 3 girls.  The youngest girl is the only kid I actually teach.  All three girls treat me like a sister – calling me names and picking on me, but they also listen to me and ask for my help or advice about things because I’m the older sister.  I love them a lot!  I’m at their house 2 or 3 times a week (or more if I can)!

4. I lead a drama group.  We meet once a week after school and work on skits and human videos and acting skills.  I have about 11 kids in that group – most of whom are not in other groups with me which gives me even more kids to be around and hang out with and get to know outside of school.  This group takes about 5 hours a week!

5. I have friends.  The other teachers have become great friends!  I love hanging out with them as often as I can.  I should do it more often but just don’t seem to have a lot of time for that!

6. There is so much more that just sort of “comes up.”  And I love it!  But there isn’t much time left over to write on my blog.  Or call supporters.  Or email family.  Or facebook with friends.  I say all this not so you feel sorry for me but so you are empowered by what God is doing here and how He is molding and changing these kids!  I feel so honored and blessed to be a part of this thing – this movement – He is doing!

Now, my support group is getting smaller and the money is slowing down.  I need money – unfortunately – to be able to continue what I’m doing here and what God wants me to do here.  Please prayerfully consider supporting me in prayer and in finances.

Again, here is a list of what my money is used for:

1. Student Loans ($1000/month) 2. Car Loan ($500/month) 3. Food ($100/month) 4. Utilities ($100/month) 5. Miscellaneous Expenses like toiletries, clothes, shoes, food for my small group, music, laundry detergent, supplies for school projects, etc ($150-200/month)

Some of these things may not seem very important but they all are and I never spend money on something that doesn’t have a purpose in my life or the lives of the teenagers and families I’m ministering to.  It is all for the ministry God has placed me in!  And I greatly appreciate your consideration in joining the team of people who allow me to be here and do this work.


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