12:18 Am

So it’s late and I haven’t written on here in … AGES!  For that I apologize.  : (  I thought I was better than this, but alas I am not.  Please have grace for my type-o’s tonight – errr … this morning – because I am tired but need to write.  : )  YAY!  Two different emoticons in one VERY short paragraph.  Way to go kid!

So … life.  Well in one word it’s CRAZY!  I love it all the time but that doesn’t stop it from being CRAZY.  Sometimes it becomes too much and I turn CRAZY.  It is by far the most rewarding thing I have done with my life.  And what could be better than that?!

So, highlights of the things you’ve missed – because I suck at blogs.

1. Jerusalem Trips with Students Number 2 and 3.  I (along with Big Red) too three girls to Jerusalem a week or so ago.  Two of the girls were the same as the first time (winners in a game) and the third was (is) my favorite student.  I know, I know … teachers shouldn’t have favorites.  But we do!  Deal.  Okay the trip was shorter this time but just as fun (although fewer pictures were taken).  We went to a book store and to Jaffa street.  Had some ice cream.  Ate at Burger King.  Walked through a garden.  Then went home.  Trip 3 was just me and one other student.  She was supposed to go on trip 2 but she was sick (7aram) and couldn’t go so (since she too won the game) I took her the following weekend and we did the same things as the other girls.  It was fun – especially since it was just the two of us.  We had a nice time chatting and laughing and whatnot.  We even ventured into the old city a ways and didn’t get lost!  For those who know me well, that is a FEAT!

2. I have had a MAJOR breakthrough with a stubborn and tough skinned student.  When I first got here everyone told me that She-Ra would really like me and we’d click right away.  But we didn’t.  We were like oil and water (because we’re so alike as opposed to the chemical reaction that occurs between oil and water … oops … Science teacher moment).  Anyway, this week we really started talking (vast amounts of time on MSN) and she’s now told me she loves me, that she knows I love her, and that we’re friends (or close to it).  I’m SUPER happy about this.  I really do love her a ton.  She’s an amazing kid and I can’t wait to see what AMAZING things she accomplishes in her life.  : )

3. Progress Reports went out this week.  This is a sad event at my school because all the kids FREAK OUT.  But this time it was sadder still because the majority of the school received lower grades than normal.  I even got to give out a 2% to a student.  How do you bounce back from a 2%?!  In one class I failed 11 out of 14 students and two of the 3 who passed had LOW C’s.  Another class I failed about 50% of them (around 8 kids).  In yet another class I failed just under half.  And in one class (my saving grace) I only failed one student (9 passed!).   Unfortunately, this makes the grades “my fault” instead of the students – even though they were failing my class and math, Bible, English, and History (and maybe Arabic too).  None of the other teachers were to blame for the poor grades … just me.  7aram … I know.  But don’t worry … I’ve moved on and am GOING to find joy in this situation and find ways to work through my frustrations.  : )

4. Winter.  It’s coming!  It’s getting colder and windier and rainier … are those even words?!  People are starting to use their heaters and sweatshirts are worn by most students most of the day.  Some of us are hoping for snow … but we don’t have “central heating” like most people think of it.  It is all gas powered … and the gas is EXPENSIVE!  So we use little gas heaters or electric ones.  The only – and I mean ONLY – time you use the gas-powered central heating is when you are about to shower and want it to be hot!  But even that uses a lot and must be synchronized with the others!

5.  I love my job.  Even when kids make me mad.  Or things don’t go as planned.  Or I spend all my time working.  Or I just want to go back to bed.  I love my job and I love my students.  And the fellow teachers and this place!  I LOVE it!

6.  I am starting the support-raising now so I can spend the small window of time I’m planning for America with my family.  If you have thoughts, ideas, or people/organizations to suggest PLEASE let me know.  : )  And prayer would be WONDERFUL!

I think that’s all for today.  From Bethlehem!


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