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So it’s been way too long since I’ve had a chance to tell the world about my new life in Bethlehem. So, in case I haven’t told you yet, I actually don’t live in Bethlehem. I live in Beit Jala which is right next to Bethlehem (the towns are separated by a road – when you cross the street you chance towns). Anyway, Beit Jala is amazing! The town is set in a hill so it involves a ton of huffing and puffing to get up the hill and down the hill and up the other hill and down again. It definitely is a good thing because the food here is super delicious and there is lots of it so the hills help me keep my girlish figure.

JerusalemSo many people keep asking me if I’ve gone sightseeing. The answer is no … I simply don’t have the time or the money to do it. But I will – eventually. I promise. And I promise to post pictures when I finally see the sights.

So the reason that I haven’t been out gallivanting around the area is time – being a teacher takes a lot of time but even more than that I’m a youth pastor/friend too. So I’m teacher Laura from 7:00am until 3:00pm, then I’m youth pastor Laura from about 3:00pm until 5:00pm, then I’m friend Laura the rest of the night. My kids have me over to their houses, they hang out after school, they come over on the weekends, and they MSN message me all night! I love it but it definitely cuts into … everything else! HA.

The other teachers were saying today that I’m like 3 people in 1! I’m not sure if I agree but I do love being around these kids. So here’s some of what I do and some stories for you!

I am now the Girls Soccer Coach. The problem is I don’t have enough girls for a team. : ( I need at least 10 more girls in order to play!



We haven’t had an official practice yet. We’ll see if this actually gets off the ground.

I am still helping a little with Girls Basketball too. I practice with the girls and yell at them to hurry up or work hard or keep going. I also am trying to help a few of the girls have the confidence and ability to drive to the hoop and score – no matter how big the defender is! It’s fun to finally be seen as a “great” basketball player! HA.

I am mentoring one of my students. She wants to know more about who God is and how to have a real relationship with Him so we’ve been talking about that. It’s really good because we don’t just talk about spiritual stuff. We talk about boys and friends and boundaries and the Bible and the future and discernment and so much more. It’s great. I feel like I have a little sister to look after. I even played the “I’ll kill you if you hurt her” card with her new boyfriend. : D This girl’s little sister has also adopted me as a big sister and I just spent my Saturday afternoon and evening with the family – mostly playing with the little sister and brother of my student/mentee. She even left for about 4 hours while I was over. It was great though. I’d forgotten how much I missed playing with little kids and I got to do that with these kids. We watched the SpongeBob movie, played Store, played Jungle Fury, and they simply let me chase them around the house tickling them too. When their older sister got home we had a snack and sat around the kitchen table playing Telephone and laughing so hard we couldn’t speak! It was a great night!

I am also directing a drama group that met for the first time this Saturday after school. I am definitely looking forward to imparting my love of acting on to these kids. I just hope they get it quickly. Most of them have very little experience acting – and their experience is one skit as a small child. So we’re really starting at the beginning here! This week we tried a few ad lib exercises that didn’t really work and then worked on a few skits. Next week the goal is facial expressions and a few more skits. The difficult thing will be time. We only meet once a week for 90 minutes and if the students don’t get there on time or talk during it we lose precious time that we’ll wish we had later! I love drama though so I’m excited about this group!

Cheese!I get in trouble a lot about the noise at the school. The neighbors haven’t figured out that they live near a school and that means that students will be there … all the time. Apparently we are too loud at 7:00pm! I mean I would get it if we were talking about 11:30pm or something but it’s barely getting dark at 7:00! It’s a little ridiculous but I’m tired of getting in trouble so we’re looking for a new place to hang out! We have found a place we just need the landlord to say, “yes” to our proposal. Pray she does! It would be the perfect place for it and it could be something we use with the community an d not just our students – this would cut down on boredom! The hardest thing for me is that everyone keeps saying things like, “I’m so glad you came here because these kids have needed someone who can do what you do and create what you create but then I get scolded for basketballs being dribbled or kids yelling or laughter – etc. If we’re to combat the boredom found here it will cause noise! The elementary school principal is – I think – really upset so I get to have a meeting with her when we get back from break. Here’s my thing – she never told me anything that she’s going to scold me about … all of my information was second hand and I don’t listen to or like second hand information. Eh, such is life in youth works!

Well, I would write another hundred paragraphs of fun stories but this is already too long. I’ll try to post more often though so you can read some of the great stories from my kids!


2 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by Chris Stump on September 25, 2009 at 12:47 pm

    Wow! It’s great to hear you are using so many of your talents and what your gifted at. It sounds like you are having lots of fun. I think the first play you should do with your students is Hamlet II….raped in the face! HAHA.


  2. Posted by bethlehembabe on September 25, 2009 at 1:45 pm

    HAHAHA! Hamlet II is definitely on the list. What a horrible movie! I totally forgot about that.

    Thanks. I appreciate your encouragement! : )


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