Student Journal Entries

The Day in the Life By Cameel (10th Grade Biology)

Good morning!  We’re going to start our day today in the lab.  First off, we are going to study the cells and the genes.  Under the microscope, we are going to see what they are made up of, and how they look.  Then, I want you to try to figure out if mutation occurred or not.

Now we can go to the wilderness.  I want you to clearly see natural selection.  If you noticed, the stronger animals feed on the weaker one.  Also, evolution is taking place everywhere.  In fact, let’s go to the zoo. *arrives to the zoo* There are turtle from different regions, notice how the shell is different.  That is evolution!

Look at your own bodies!  We can see homeostasis.  It’s hot out here, therefore we’re sweating.  Your body is keeping its temperature.  When we go to cooler places, your body still maintains its temperature.

A Day In a Life By Z (10th Grade Biology)

Good morning.  First of all let me introduce myself.  My name is Z****** M**** K*****.  When I was young, biology was my favorite branch of science.  I always was interested in learning more about our body and enjoying its amazing capabilities.  Of course I never got bored of it because there was always something new to learn.

When I was young, my ultimate goal was to become a neurosurgeon; and here I am a neurosurgeon indeed.  One thing I honestly love about my job is that it is special; although, it took forever to graduate from college!  I currently work at the Beit Jala Hospital, and I love it.  After graduating from the University of the Philippines; I came to Bethlehem, and was offered a job.  Pretty good salary; hush; don’t tell.

My day usually starts this way.  Early in the morning, I have my cup of coffee, head directly to my office, and study more on how to treat patients suffering from spinal column diseases and other problems concerning their nervous system.  I know everybody is wondering why I still study; the answer to that is what I previously said, “There is always something new to learn.”  I guess this is all I have to say about my life.  Thanks for the interview.

Me as a Volcanologist By Mo (8th Grade Earth Science)

“Ooooh, Ohhhhhh.  I can be called Tarzan the second.  Anyway, I’m in a jungle on my way to Volcano Bagawawa.  I’m really tired.  I’ve been walking all day to reach the volcano.  I’ll be there in about three hours.  So … “Ahhh snake (stabs it with his pocket knife) die, die, die.”  I’m too frightened to talk now I’ll talk to you when I get there.”

(Three hours later) “Hi, again.  I’m standing right at the hold of Volcano Bagawawa.  It’s really dark I can’t see a thing.  I’m getting ready to get down there.  As soon as I strap my rope … there all done.  Alright here we gooooo!”  (Flicks on his flashlight and is now shocked) “Oh my God!  I am now the richest man on Earth!  Look at all these diamonds!  There’s got to be trillions of dollars worth of diamonds in here!  Alright I got to go I’m speechless bye, bye!”

Journal By Nadine (8th Grade Earth Science)

Once upon a time I was at the mall, and when I was there I won a trip to outer space.  The trip started on Saturday.  I got into the space rocket and put my breathing equipment on.  It was really scary at the beginning especially when it launched.  It was a pretty long trip that I even got bored waiting to arrive to space.

We finally reached space!  I knew that we reaching space because I couldn’t stand on the floor anymore; I was flying.  At the moment, I actually couldn’t believe that I was in space.  It was the coolest thing ever.  OMG, I was on the moon; I was looking at it closely.  All the stars were flying around me.  There was this very cool star I saw that was pink.  I wished that I had my camera with me to take a picture of it.  I also saw the planet Jupiter from far away.  The astronomers who were with me had all the equipments with them, but I wasn’t able to figure out what were they doing.  Too bad we can’t go near the sun, but I was close enough from it.  The sun seemed so wowy from close.  I really loved that trip.  It was the coolest trip of my life.

Da Vinci Inventions – The Cup By Iera (9th Grade Physical Science)

What is it?  It is a cup.  But not just any cup, this cup holds not only drinks, but food too.  It is designed so that the drink is on top, and the little food compartment is at the bottom.  The food compartment even had a little door that keeps the food safe.  Good for storing sandwiches, cookies, or candy.

How does it work?  You drink from the top, and keep your food in the bottom so that you don’t have to carry everything at once.

Can it be made today?  Yes it can be made today, because it’s just a cup, but with a food compartment. : D

Da Vinci Inventions – MWS By Mathew (9th Grade Physical Science)

This is the MWS.  It’s one of my newest inventions.  It works on a remote control.  This suitcase has six wheels on its side which makes the suitcase move anywhere in a short period of time.  It has two big batteries at the end of it.  Its wheels can hold up to 25kg.  it helps you carry around your luggage anywhere you want.

Da Vinci Inventions – Bling Bling Shoe By Amal (9th Grade Physical Science)

Hi everybody my name is Da Vince.  I really enjoy drawing new inventions.  I drew a lot of inventions and this is one of them.  This is my Bling Bling Shoe.  My Bling Bling Shoe has a really great navigation system.  It helps you get to any destination.  If you have one of my Bling Bling shoes you would never get lost!  You just have to locate where you are going on the map and it will tell you what directions to use.  You would never regret buying them!

Da Vinci Inventions – Blow Curler By Jessica (9th Grade Physical Science)

Every time I want to blow dry my hair to straighten it, I have to take out my curler too!  That is really frustrating because it takes too much time.  I wish people could invent a blow curler!  I would to have a blow curler because I could straighten my hair and dry it too.  For girls, a blow curler will be really interesting and fascinating!

The Blow Curler is simply a blow dryer and curler put together.  It would have a switch to turn on the blow dryer and the curler.  You can also choose one of them to use first.  For example, you can curl your hair while the blow dryer is off.  You can also do the opposite.  The blow curler would also have a temperature switch of both, and better than any ordinary one.

The Blow Curler is faster than the ordinary one because you could use the blow dryer and the curler at the same time.  It’s easier too because you wouldn’t have to waste time to put the blow dryer away and get the curler.  It’s also hotter and curls better.  The blow dryer will also be hotter.  So this is my invention!

I hope you enjoyed these as much I as did!


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  1. I love reading stuff kids write. Seriously, this was one of the few times “LOL” is not just an expression. 😀


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