Laughter …

So I have an over abundance of stories from my students!  I even got permission from them to post some of their homework on here so get ready for a great time!

Many of my students have been informing me that I am their favorite teacher (was there ever any doubt?).  I asked one of the Arab teachers if I should believe them or think the kids are just sucking up and she said, “Sucking up!”  Made me laugh – a lot!  Her daughter was standing there when this took place and chimed in with, “except me!”  This made me laugh harder!

Most days after school, I’ve been playing soccer with a few of my male students.  It started out with me standing around chatting with some of my female students and the soccer ball came over toward us so I kicked it toward the “goal” and scored between the goalie’s legs!  Everyone gave an “OOooohhhhhh” and told me I was “really good, Miss, you should go play.”  So we’ve been playing a pick up game after school.  It started as keep away from Miss Laura and has evolved into smack talk between another teacher who has joined and we now play on the school’s soccer field instead of the basketball court.  Yesterday my team won 6-3!  I have two students that come out each time – they are actually the ones pushing me and my fellow teachers onto the field – with an “I’m on Miss Laura’s team!”  It’s very sweet and makes me feel well liked even though I’m not very good at soccer.  It is a great time of laughter (which we all succumb to at one point or another) and good old fashioned fun!

I’ve been slowly learning some Arabic and I’ve been testing on my students.  This brings them endless joy and amusement because my accent makes the words sound weird or I just simply cannot say them correctly!  Yella (or as I say it YELLOW) means “Let’s go!”  I use this one a lot.  Sho means “What?” I use this even more frequently!  But my favorite is the word for “Your Mom” which the students will use as a slam on each other.  One day I was getting something out of my cabinet in my classroom and I heard one of my students used this word and I turned around and said, “Did you just say something about his mother?”  The whole class looked shocked and slightly amused and one student blurts out, “How do you know what they’re saying?!” I just smiled and said, “I’m a teacher, it’s my job to know!”  They were very impressed because that wasn’t one of the words they had been trying to teach me!

So many of my students have siblings at the school which is fun for me because they all want to make sure I know who they are related to.  “Miss Laura, do you know my sister and brother?”  Sometimes I want to respond with, “I don’t even know who you are, how would I know your siblings?”  But I stick to a no or a yes.  Many of them then want me to tell them if I think they look alike – most of the family groups do!  It’s very sweet.  One such sibling group has really started opening up to me – even though I only teach one of the three.  The sisters were chatting with me one day and we started talking about teeth (teenagers talk about some interesting topics).  Anyway, the older sister was teasing the younger (my student) about her baby teeth because, at 14, she still has some!  I still don’t understand why that’s tease-worthy or why the younger sister was so embarrassed by it!  But it was funny to watch the interaction.  I think that if my sister had teased my about my molars or baby teeth I would have made fun of her for not being able to come up with something better!  Oh the things kids find amusing!

I have decided that any student that leaves anything in my classroom (or leaves their Science book in another teacher’s room) will have to pay a ransom to get it back.  I now have 4 students (and a 5th who doesn’t know it yet) who must clean the playground up during their break!  HAHAHAHAHAHA … I love this job!

I had a student tell me she left her book at home – again.  This student had a rough week because she’d already received two detentions for stupid things and she was one of the students to leave something in my room (trash duty on Monday).  So when I heard about the lack of preparedness for my class I made her think she was getting yet another detention!  She started begging me, “No, Miss Laura.  Please don’t give me another detention.”  I said, “Come on, I’m not that kind of teacher!  You just need to know that by coming unprepared to my class shows that you do not respect me.”  And with that I started class.  Afterward she came up to tell me that she DID respect me and I told her that actions speak louder than words.  I hope she gets the message that detentions won’t provide!  We’ll see when Monday rolls around and whether she has her class materials or not.

Saturday is the students’ favorite day of school because we are not allowed to give them homework (I don’t know why and it saddens me).  So Saturdays are used mainly for alternative teaching – projects, activities, etc.  Really it just sort of throws off the flow of my classroom but I’ll get the hang of it soon enough.

If I haven’t mentioned it yet, I LOVE teaching!  And I LOVE these kids!


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  1. Posted by Cameel on September 1, 2009 at 5:57 pm

    laura, you’re hilarious! lol naa.. when kids say ur they’re favorite and then they don’t ask u for a favor then they mean it… but when u ask them AM I UR FAVORITE TEACHER they’re gonna say yes they don’t know how to say no in a nice way lol.


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