Finally Here

So I arrived in Bethlehem on Saturday night.  The flight was … long!  I didn’t sleep much but I did sleep.  Boo.  There were no IMG_3428problems in the airport or anything like that and my bags all showed up!

Jerusalem was beautiful!  I really like the feel of the city.  It’s a place where hard and soft meet.  Stone buildings, friendly people, ancient history, current events, CocaCola, etc.  I even saw a Burger King!

We finally arrived at the school very late on Saturday and I got to see the city from my living room window.  I love the hills and terrain (except when walking them).   I got all unpacked then tried to sleep … that didn’t work too well.

The Bed:  My bed may as well be made of concrete for the amount of give it has!  I sit on it and nothing happens.  I push on it with my hand and my arm moves instead of the bed.  Hard doesn’t do it justice!

Weather:  It reallyIMG_3424 is very similar to Orlando.  I like this because it feels a little more like home.  The difference is there is actually a breeze.  There isn’t rain and it isn’t humid.  There is also a lot more brown – we don’t have grass at all.

People:  I haven’t met many but they all seem extremely friendly.  Interesting thought: In Jerusalem I had two young people (girl and guy) comment that the tattoo on my left arm is bad, but they liked the others…basically tattoos are acceptable, just not cross tattoos (makes sense if you don’t agree with tIMG_3432he whole Jesus thing).  The interesting part is that, in general, Christians dislike tattoos no matter what they are.  Thoughts?!

Prayer Requests:  To continue to acclimate to the area and the people.  To remember names (and pronounce them correctly).  To find a church close to my apartment so I can invest time there.  Finances continue coming in!  That I can quickly learn a few Arabic phrases.  For my students.  My lesson plans.  My expectations.  My sanity.  My loved ones back in the States.  And most importantly, that I can be used by God to reach these people for Him!


3 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by Chris Stump on August 17, 2009 at 1:38 pm

    How exciting!! I’m so jealous. Hopefully I can come over there sometime (???) while you’re there. So you actually have an apartment? Not just a dorm room type thing? Be sure to take lots and lots of photos.


  2. Posted by bethlehembabe on August 17, 2009 at 4:48 pm

    Yeah, the apartment is on the fourth floor of the school (my class is on the 2nd floor) but it’s a real apartment – fully furnished, kitchen, separate bedrooms, etc. It’s nice … not great but nice!


  3. Posted by Scott Davis on August 20, 2009 at 7:44 pm

    Laura, very cool to see some pictures and the video of your apartment. Hard to believe you’re actually there!!!


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