I don’t like waiting.  I’ve never been much good at patience!  I have about 60 days before the big voyage across the world and (though I’m nowhere near ready to depart) I am ready for the waiting to be over!

clocks____I want to meet the people I’ll be living and working with.  I want to see all the amazing sights.  I want to experience 18 hours on an airplane.  I want to get my very first passport book stamp!  I want to go, do, see, be!  But I’m stuck waiting!

Don’t get me wrong … I am not ready to leave behind my life – I’m not ready for the sacrifices of friends and community and “normal” electrical outlets.  I love my life and I love my family – those biological and not!  I don’t like to think of the action of leaving because it makes me sad but I hate the anticipation.

In fact most times something big was coming I would get sick!  Because I’d be so focused on it that I’d excite myself enough to not get the … whatever I needed and my body would retaliate with a cold!  I don’t want to be sick for my first week of Bethlehem!

60 days!

Prayer Requests:

Finding people to take my place in groups I led

My family … still

Finding people to fill my gaps in my communities and friendships (I don’t want someone to lose growth because I’m gone)



I’m still excited.

I have amazing support to lean on when I’m not so excited.

I’m slowly moving through my check list and feeling good about my pace.


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