Paperwork and Selling Stuff

I just got an email saying that some vital paperwork is due … today.  I am supposed to fax it to the school or something so they can process it tomorrow.  Here’s a … challenge: I don’t have a fax machine.  And I don’t work for a company that would let me use theirs.  I am not quite sure what I’m going to do – call in a favor I guess.

PaperworkAnyway, the paperwork is basically an application – normal stuff like address, experience, education, references, etc.  Nothing too terrible.  I’ll probably complete it in about 10 minutes but it does ask for a passport number and if you’ve ever been out of the country and I spent 5 days in Toronto (before 9/11) so I  don’t have my passport.  I’ve ordered it but it won’t be here for a little while – like the middle of July!  Yikes!  I hope that’s okay – I mean I can’t really do anything about it now but I feel bad (a little).

Now with the Volunteer Application came a “Here’s What To Expect” Sheet.  It’s all kinds of crazy!  I mean most of it I was anticipating but that doesn’t make it any easier to be almost 25 and know that I’m going to have to ask to do most things I’ve been doing without thinking for over 10 years.  But that’s what I signed up for so I’m sure I’ll bulk against it some but fall underneath the authority like the “good girl”  I am.

On top of having paperwork and passports and visas to worry about, I am trying to sell all my crap (want some?).  Itfor sale isn’t crap – it’s just a lot more stuff than I ever thought I had.  I’d get one area of my apartment all cleaned out and go *sigh* “I feel better – all done.”  Then I’d open a door or a drawer and more stuff was there waiting for me.  I think my board games were gloating!  Anyway, I am having a moving sale – EVERYTHING MUST GO – if you need anything (dvds, books, guitar, bike, tv, ceiling fan, computer, printer, assorted dishware, assorted cookware, assorted wall art, vacuum, couch and love seat combo, etc.  Lemme know!

I promise I’m done plugging my sale!  PLUG!  Okay really finished now.

Even with all the work I have to do I’m excited and unnaturally peace-filled about the trip.  I have just over 60 days before I leave everything and everyone I’ve ever known.  That’s kind of scary.  Anyway…

Prayer Requests:

I would like to sell everything I have – the money would help with my trip

To quickly receive my passpoart and easily attain all other documentation I need

My family – I will miss them and I know it’s going to be hard on them (especially Mom)

The people I’m goint to work with and meet in Bethlehem – teachers, nationals, students, etc. – God is working in their life and I’d love for them to see it!


I found someone to take over my apartment lease!  YAY!desk_calendar_1

My family – they are letting me go

My friends – without them I wouldn’t be able to make the next 60+ days


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